10 Best One Day Picnic Spots in Mumbai to get Refreshed

10 Best One Day Picnic Spots in Mumbai to get Refreshed

It's always a happy feeling to even think about a picnic or family outing. Here we have listed 10 Best One Day Picnic Spots in Mumbai to Get Refreshed

It’s always a happy feeling to even think about a picnic or family outing. Here we have listed 10 Best One Day Picnic Spots in Mumbai to Get Refreshed this season. Certainly, life is too hectic these days, and we have no time to plan for long vacations and trips. So, here is the solution; plan for day picnics in Mumbai and help your soul sustain the calmness back into the body.

Don’t just think about it, read this article further and we assure you that by the end you will pack your bags and will plan for one of the listed spots.

Explore Top 10 Best One Day Picnic Spots in Mumbai

1. Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Borivali Mumbai

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Sanjay Gandhi National Park is located between Mumbai and Thane. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most famous one day picnic spots in Mumbai. Shaded by tropical forest cover of the northern-hills; this park is among the most visited beautiful places near Mumbai. Usually, you can come here between 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM and can witness the smoothness of nature and birds right above your head.

2. Elephanta Caves, Churchgate Mumbai

Elephanta Caves are located near Mumbai Harbour. You can reach here taking the ferry ride from Gateway of India across the Arabian ocean.Notably, these caves are famous for their rock-cut cavities and Lord Shiva Temple. Indeed, you can come here for a day picnic with your family, kids, and friends to feel the peace and greatness of history.

3. Water Kingdom, Gorai Mumbai

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The Water Kingdom is Asia’s largest theme water park in Mumbai. In brief, it is highly spontaneous and happening place to plan an outing or a picnic for a day. On the whole, this place is a stress buster and a natural tonic to back the energy in daily life.You can come here with anyone you like and can enjoy the thrilling rides, games, and adventures.

4. Kamla Nehru Park, Worli Mumbai

10 Best One Day Picnic Spots in Mumbai to Get Refreshed
Kamla Nehru Park is also among the most visited picnic spots in Mumbai. Additionally, this park gives a great view of Chowpatty Beach and Marine Drive. The free-flowing breeze, the beautiful lawns, and the greenery can make you stress-free for days. It is in the lap of Malabar Hills which offers amazing relief to its visitors and is famous for Mumbai’s top tourist destinations

5. EsselWorld, Gorai Mumbai

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EsselWorld is the exciting picnic spots in Mumbai which attracts kids from all over the city. This place has a refreshing aura that can entertain both young and old. It is one of the best theme based amusement parks in India with numerous rides and games. Suitable for a family picnic, schools also plan their picnics for a day in here. With so many major features it undoubtedly comes among the best one day picnic spots in Mumbai for kids especially.

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6. Global Vipassana Pagoda, Gorai Mumbai

Best One Day Picnic Spots in Mumbai

The Global Vipassana Pagoda was inaugurated by Pratibha Patil, then President of India -8 February 2009. It is a monument that resembles peace and harmony. Global Vipassana Pagoda is a nice place to visit for a day with family members to search ‘self’ and the ‘basic connect’ with God. Moreover, this place can teach the kids the power of meditation and simplicity to lead a life on the principles of Buddha.

7. Kanheri Caves, Borivali Mumbai

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If you want to feel the fresh-filter air on your one day picnic, you are most welcome to Kanheri Caves. With more than 109 unique entries, the bliss of Buddhist culture this place is a mind-blowing destination to spend a day with family and friends. It is a calm and peaceful venue to flow in a good time together and certainly, it is one of the best one day picnic spots in Mumbai.

8. Nehru Planetarium

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Nehru Planetarium is a detailed science and space center.It’s a domed architecture building that has an art gallery, library, restaurant and a cultural center. The main point of attraction is the cubicles that can define your weight in each of the 9 planets of solar system. Additionally, a science complex is there inside the building which shows 14-minute exhibit known as- Discovery of India. This exhibition covers all the major elements of the academic, philosophical and artistic journey of India through ages.

Altogether, if living in Mumbai, it’s a must-visit place to attend with your kids to make them know the importance of history and science. In effect, kids will love their picnic at this fabulous place.

9. Taraporewala Aquarium, Charni Road Mumbai

Taraporewala Aquarium

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Taraporewala Aquarium is country’s oldest aquarium and a main attraction to the city. Significantly, it has plenty of marines and freshwater fishes in it that can take relieve you from the stress and encourage you to enjoy the feel. This aquarium is in Marine Drive and has a total of 2000 fishes with 400 species. Further, kids can even touch the harmless fishes in the pool and can learn the love for nature. It’s a worthy place to visit for a day and to know different facts related to marine life.

10. Tikuji Ni Wadi – Best One Day Picnic Spots in Mumbai

Tikuji Ni Wadi Water Park

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Tikuji Ni Wadi is an amusement park, a resort and a water park at Thane. You can come here with family, friends to enjoy the fresh food and decent rides. Moreover, the price of the things is economical here and the overall atmosphere is delightful.  In any event, it’s a great place for one day picnic in Mumbai.

On balance, we hope you have made your mind to visit the “10 Best One Day Picnic Spots in Mumbai to Get Refreshed” from the usual routines. So, what are you waiting for, count your members and get ready to visit soon

Above was the Top 10 Best One Day Picnic Spots in Mumbai where you can hangout with your friends, family and kids.

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