10 Fabulous Beaches near Mumbai You Must Visit

10 Fabulous Beaches near Mumbai You Must Visit

It feels so thrilled when thinking about the beaches. Here we have 10 Fabulous Beaches near Mumbai You Must Visit once in your lifetime. In fact, if y

It feels so thrilled when thinking about the beaches. Here we have 10 Fabulous Beaches near Mumbai You Must Visit once in your lifetime. In fact, if you are a nature lover and have some soft corner for the beauty and serenity of nature, you should visit the beaches near Mumbai with your family, friends and loved ones. Without wasting time let’s move towards the –

10 Fabulous Beaches near Mumbai You Must Visit at least once in your lifetime

1.Juhu Beach Mumbai, MaharashtraJuhu Beach in Mumbai - Tourist Attraction

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Not heard for the Juhu Beach till now-no chance. It is one of the most visited beaches in India known for its classic ambiance and Mumbaiiya style food. Additionally, famous as celebrity’s fitness point you can spot out many of your favorite stars exercising and roaming here. Juhu beach provides an impressive aura for the couples and hence is one of the famous beaches in Mumbai for couples.

2. Gorai Beach Mumbai, Maharashtra

gorai beach

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Gaorai Beach is one of the finest and clean beach near Mumbai. It’s one of the safest beaches famous for its ample space and fun rides. In essence, accepted as the couple’s beach, its overall sensation is romantic to the core. With so many cottages and resorts available nearby, it is one of the coolest beaches in Mumbai for couples.

3.Marve Beach Mumbai, Maharashtra

If you were looking for beaches near Mumbai for one day picnic, then Marve Beach welcomes you. Consequently, famous as Mini Goa, this beach offers a blend of Portuguese culture and its remnant with the chill-out beauty of nature. Visit here to relax and self-envisage yourself leaving the today’s fast moving life.Madh Island Beach Mumbai, Maharashtra


4.Madh Island Beach Mumbai, Maharashtra

Madh island Beach Mumbai

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Madh island beach is one of the renowned tourist places in the State. Along with the cleanliness, you can also enjoy the DJ beats and tunes here. Not to mention, it is one of the best beaches near Mumbai for a weekend. Often the celebrities and elites can be seen here throwing the lavish parties.

5.Aksa Beach Mumbai, Maharashtra

Aksa Beach Mumbai

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Aksa beach is the perfect place to visit and a famous vacation spot too. It has the base of Indian Navy at the one end and small Dana Paani Beach at the other. The perfect scenery, cool breeze, and the soothing droplets out of the water make you cherish all the memories of this beach. Besides, this beach has done many films and is a popular name in Bollywood.

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6.Versova Beach Mumbai, Maharashtra

Versova Beach Mumbai

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Versova Beach carries many fishers and their community in its lap and faces the Arabian Sea. It has a calm atmosphere and has huge rocks to spread the water from the sea. It goes totally under water in high tides.To be sure, this beach gives many people their picnic spot and a party destination.

7.Girgaum Chowpatty Beach Mumbai, Maharashtra

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Girgaum Chowpatty Beach is commonly known as Chaupati. It’s located in the heart of the city and is notably famous for its soul satisfying sunset. One of the most happening and friendly beaches, you can see toy vendors, road shows and much more here. Chaat vendors offering the chaat in Chaupati can make you feel mad with the taste. Couples, bachelors, friends and, family, this nature’s beauty invites all.

8.Dadar Chowpatty Beach Mumbai, Maharashtra

Dadar Chowpatty Beach Mumbai

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Dadar Chowpatty Beach is located in South Mumbai and is often known as the residency of riches. Come here, and you can experience the water sounds hitting the rocks and an excellent view of Bandra-Worli Sea Link. Moreover, this beach is famous for its festivals and Poojas, so you can also witness the Hindu culture and its offerings.

9.Uran Beach Mumbai, Maharashtra

Uran Beach Mumbai

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Uran beach is famous for its sea view, the sunset, and the smooth sand. This beach serves as the coolest destination to take a break from the fast forward life. All you can hear and witness here is nature. The peace, the ambiance and the beauty of the beach are enough to attract you again and again. Not to mention, the perfect environment here makes it among the most suitable beaches near Mumbai for a weekend

10.Kalamb Beach Mumbai, Maharashtra

nallasopara kalamb beach couples

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Kalamb Beach is the famous for its amazing wet sand and body soothing waves. In weekend this perfect beach to spend time with self. In fact, the more you explore this beach, the more it gets a connection with you. Water flow is ideal here to get a fresh dip and feel the clean and cold water. Anyone can spend their quality day time here and can behold the simplicity of nature.

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